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Longiness Watches

longines watches in ultrajewels

Longines has a strong devotion to its traditions, elegance and outstanding performance

The Longines watches started in Switzerland in the year of 1832 when Auguste Agassiz envisioned a luxury timepiece line where beauty and precision fused into one. The Longines watches logo was registered officially in 1889 and since then it has stayed unchanged, which is a direct reflection on how important tradition is for this brand. With precision and high quality is how Longines became part of the Luxury Watch industry and that's exactly why its chronographs are chosen time and time again to keep track in the Olympics and other sport-related events World Wide. Discover which Longines watches Ultrajewels has to offer.

  • Avigation Watch Type A-7 1935 L28124232

    The Longines Avigation Watch Type A-7 1935 illustrates the historical links of the brand with the world of aviation. This exceptional chronograph, with a very elegant vintage style, combines performance…
  • Conquest Classic

    Of just 29 mm in diameter, this “petit” model of the Longines brand bets on perfection. The integration of silver and rose gold is smooth as its walk. The cover…
  • Conquest Classic 40 mm

    A perfect choice for today’s man, for the man who knows what he wants and who also understands that perfection can be carried everywhere. This Longines ConquestClassic 40 mm is…
  • Conquest L37594766

    The Conquest line is the quintessential Longines sporty elegance. The robust, at the same time elegant, stainless steel case is equipped with a quartz movement. Conquest meets the most demanding…
  • Conquest L37784586

    The Conquest is the purest cuality of the sporty elegance line off Longines. His elegant and resistant stainless steel case has an automatic movement. It is the ideal piece for…
  • Conquest V.H.P. L37164666

    With its extraordinary black carbon cover, the new Conquest V.H.P. It is equipped with its GPD(gear position detection) system and a movement of very high precision. Plus a perpetual calendar…
  • Conquest V.H.P. L37164766

    New Conquest V.H.P. with cover in blue carving equipped with a high precision movement and its GPD (gear position detection) system and its wonderful long battery life and a perpetual…
  • Conquest V.H.P. L37264966

    New Conquest V.H.P., equipped with a movement renowned for its high degree of precision and its GPD (gear position detection) system. Completed by a very long battery life and a…
  • Dolce Vita L57554715

    Illustrate throughout the world with the contemporary elegance of the watchmaking mansion Longines and its DolceVita collection. Inspired by the "Dolce Vita" the hymn to the sweet pleasure of living…
  • Dolce Vita L57554716

    The Longines Dolce Vita Collection illustrates throughout the world the contemporary elegance of the watchmaking maison. Inspired by the "Dolce Vita" is a hymn to the sweetness of living. Size:…
  • Hydroconquest L37434966

    HydroConquest with blue cover in "sun rays" effects, is a piece dedicated to men and women looking for a high performance watch combining technical innovation and elegance. It is an…
  • Hydroconquest L37403567

    HydroConquest is a line dedicated to all of those men and women seeking for a high performance watch that combines technical innovation and elegance with his yellow PVD coating. The…