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Gucci Watches

gucci watches

Gucci is noted for its quality, professionalism and high prestige.

The popular Italian brand started its watches in the 1970's. Since it was founded in 1921 Gucci has stood out for following a clear line in their haute jewelry, fashion and more. Gucci designs have always stood out for breaking conventional designs and thinking outside the box. Gucci watches are no exception to this, Gucci watches have been clear trendsetters and easily positioned in the minds of their public. Discover all the Gucci watches that Ultrajewels has for you.

  • Coupe

    A watch with a different design, in neutral and light colors for the understated person. This timepiece has a mixed nylon and rubber strap with Gucci's signature colors. Size: 40 mm…
  • G Gold

    This is the ideal accessory for any style. Its modern lines match perfectly with classic tones like gold and a mother pearl or brown display. Size: MD Case:  Stainless Steel Bracelet…
  • G Silver

    The perfect accessory for any style, its modern lines match perfectly with classic materials, such as stainless steel and a mother pearl or brown in the display. Size: MD Case:  Stainless…
  • G-Timeless Steel and Gold

    A watch made with special care that combines stainless steel with gold rose, small diamonds and a mother pearl display. Ideal for women who prefer elegant details. Size: 35 mm Case: …
  • G-Timeless Unisex

    A sporty and unisex piece, ideal for people who prefer some classic touches in their accessories. With a nylon strap and Gucci's signature colors this watch has minimalist and clean…
  • Interlocking

    The clean design of stainless steel makes this monochromatic timepiece a perfect accessory for women who prefer minimalism. Size: 37 Case:  Stainless Steel Bracelet Material: Steel Functionality: Chronograph
  • Interlocking Leather Bracelet

    The minimalist and contemporary design makes this timepiece a unique watch. Its warm tones and leather strap make it an indispensable accessory for women with style. Size: 37 mm Case:  Brown…
  • Sync

    The design on this piece is simply spectacular. The chromatic range gives it a unique touch and at the same time, a certain sportiness. Due to its duality, there’s a…
  • The Twirl Watch

    A bangle style watch with a stainless steel case and strap. This is the elegant accesory women with style prefer. Size: 23 mm Case: Stainless Steel Bracelet Material: Stainless steel, acetate, fabric, steel…
  • U-Play

    A minimalist style with Gucci's signature colores and clean lines in with and stainless steel. A perfect timepiece for refined women. Size: 35 mm Case: Steel & Calf Bracelet Material: Calf Functionality:…
  • U-Play Stainless Steel

    A minimalist style with clean lines and discreet colors, this is the perfect accessory for women who like discretion. Size: 35 mm Case:  Stainless steel Bracelet Material: Stainless steel Functionality: Chronograph