Portraying a fairy tale look, this timepiece is more than exceptional, just as transparent as Cinderella’s slipper; you will be surprised with everything it can do.

our experts know your taste, and this translucent watch will not be the exception

Credits: Cortesía Hublot

A few months have passed since Hublot launched a new version of its spectacular watch LaFerrari, and when they were more than ready to make another great announcement, during the Baselworld Fair 2016 held in Basle, Switzerland; they presented the iconic sapphire case of the Big Bang watch, a 500-piece limited edition.

Lets look at the complexity of making the Big Bang Unico Sapphire.
Sapphire is almost as hard as diamonds, so carving a case with special measurements is nowhere near easy. Obtaining full translucence has required expert watchmakers to design a skeletonized dial; also it required them to adjust its six H-shaped titanium screws, a process that takes many, many hours.

Now, lets answer the following question: Do we need any more reasons to be convinced by Hublot’s characteristic luxury?

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