Our specialized technicians and certified watchmakers Will be delighted in helping you, giving you precise advice, realize any needed repair or any other service related to your piece.

In order to provide an initial evaluation of your piece, they have the necessary equipment to realize an examination. Every watch Manufacture provide our Service Center with the tools, spare parts and appropriate measurement tools for every model we service


In our aftersales service we take care of the repairs and service (overhaul) of your pieces in a specially equipped workshop.

We ensure, this way, a professional and specialized service for each and every one of your pieces. Fulfilling the quality standards of every Brand.


Our certified watchmakers are trained to give you an initial evaluation for your repair and have the necessary equipment to do the majority of common repairs.

For repairs that are particularly complex, or those of versions and models per their exclusivity require to, will be sent to the Watch manufacturer’s workshop for a detailed budget.
Due to our excellent relations with our partners, you will enjoy a priority treatment to guarantee a quality service.
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