it is history and style

Panthère Cartier is more than a watch, it is history and style

panthère cartier is more than a watch, it is history and styleCartier is a firm synonymous with elegance, style, and innovation and seeks to conquer the interests of the new generations with the Panthère collection.

This can be seen clearly in the birth of Panthère, a collection that promises to bring to market much more than just a watch. We tell you what it is about.

Panthère is an innovation by Cartier’s.

Clearly, the exponential progress that Panthère represents in the field of watchmaking is only understandable if we take into account the marks that have given rise to it. We are speaking, on the one hand, of the very successful and globally recognized French firm, named Cartier.

More than fashion Cartier is a firm that has forged tradition and class around stories full of style, beauty, and originality.

Panthère de Maison Cartier

This collection that was launched in the 80’s was one of the emblematic pieces for those who began to be followers of the brand, today Cartier wants to reach those new customers with emblematic pieces and full of elegance that characterize the firm.

There are nine pieces in total that make up this incredible Cartier collection.

The aim is to make this beautiful collection known to young people, in this way they will reach a much wider audience, hoping that the award-winning collection with more than 30 years will continue with the same success.

The Panthère de Cartier watches stand out because they impose themselves with naturalness, showing a current and modern style. These are resplendent, flexible, sensual and festive watches. In short, they represent the highest expression of the personality and style of the young audience, combined perfectly with the characteristics that have given rise to the great name of Cartier and which make it today one of the leading firms in the market.

Panthère de Cartier is more than a jewel; it is more than a watch, it is history, youth and style in its maximum splendor.

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