una colección que endulza a cualquiera

Bulgari and its sweetest collection: Festa

Bulgari has always been characterized by knowing how to give something to talk about to the thousands of people who are astonished by their unique collections.

Festa is the name of this important Bulgari collection that has sweetened all audiences and all critics.

This collection is a set of pieces of the highest jewelry, which has been considered a true feast of platinum, sapphires, white gold, rubies, rose gold, emeralds, and diamonds, among other gemstones.

But also, Festa does not arrive alone to the great leagues of jewelry. This, in addition, has been known to be accompanied by Infanzia and Tradizione.

Tradizione a synonym of flavors

To say Tradizione is to speak of a burst of flavors for our palate. In this collection, we can find, for example, a spectacular choker whose gems emulate in small and delicious peppers. Also, it is a collection in which pieces of white gold invite us to remember the beautiful branches of a tree.

tradizione un sinónimo de sabores y bulgari
Infanzia, a collection that sweetens anyone

Infanzia is recognized as a collection that represents all the meaning within children’s parties. From there, we can find elements that want our beautiful years, our letter, and cupcakes.
In addition, it is the opportunity to relive the best adventures of our childhood, as were the mad hatter, the beautiful ties, train travel and the best of all: gifts.
In other words, it could be said that Infanzia is a collection of high jewelry that brings before us the best and most emotive children’s motifs that have inspired its name.

infanzia, una colección que endulza a cualquiera

Finally, the star of our story: Festa

It’s time to talk about Festa! The pieces that make up this new but successful collection of Bulgari are characterized by being elegant and highly sophisticated. The exquisite designs make a series of pieces of impact to any audience.
The jewelry elements that make up the incredible collection of Bulgari called Festa are ideal for decorating the neck, creating a decoration that calls attention, especially, by having a central motif that stands out. This motif can consist of a set stone or other pieces more worked with diamond ties, among other alternatives.

The various people who have had the opportunity to see and approach the magnificent pieces of Festa, the new and innovative collection of Bulgari, have been referred to as an exciting beauty, worthy of the Italian firm that gave birth to it.

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