breguet acquires a timepiece made for bugatti.

Breguet acquires a timepiece made for Bugatti

With a unique fascination to preserve priceless pieces, the watch name brand acquires this timepiece that now rests at its own museum.

breguet acquires a timepiece made for bugatti.

Credits: Courtesy of Breguet

In the most recent Retromobile exhibition, an event that brings fanatics and faithful car followers together in Versailles, France, an auction took place.

It was during the latter that the renowned Swiss brand – Breguet- was able to acquire one out of nine existent pieces of chronograph no.2023, until then property of Artcurial Auction House.

Such timepiece was created and designed by Swiss watchmakers in 1932 with the purpose of it being used in the automobile dashboards of the Italian name brand – Bugatti-. This model stands out for having a chromed-plated 67mm metal case, a cream-toned dial and iconic blue-steeled hands that are the trademark timekeepers of this brand.

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