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Bomberg Watches

bomberg watches

Bomberg always thinks outside the box

More about Bomberg:

Bomberg was launched a few years ago. It all started in 2012 and, since then, it has broken every mold making sure to create new and innovative designes that go beyond of what's normally used. The Bomberg watches use materials and technology to such advantage in a way that made them position themselves on some of the most luxurious stores. Discover what new Bomberg watches can be found at Ultrajewels.

  • Bolt 68 BS407

    A sports watch, masculine and chic with leather strap and steel case. A fluid and casual design for the carefree man. Size: 45 mm Case: Steel Bracelet Material: Leather Functionality:…
  • Bolt 68 BS411

    For the bold man. This exclusive piece stands out for the contrast between the black and the details in red. With leather strap. Size: 45 mm Box: Combined Bracelet Material:…
  • Bolt 68 BS412

    A watch full of color with bold pieces that make it a unique accessory for the daring men who are looking for some adventure. Size: 45 mm Case: PVD Functionality: Chronograph
  • Bolt 68 BS414

    Black and sporty, this timepiece is ideal for the casual man who prefers the classic details of leather. Size: 45 mm Case: PVD Bracelet Material: Leather Functionality: Chronograph  
  • Bolt 68 BS417

    An elegant watch in black tones and rose gold, ideal for the man who looks for details that distinguish him. This design finishes with a brown leather strap with antique…
  • Bolt 68 BS434

    A special piece for those with the soul of a gambler, men who like risky bets. A black watch with leather strap and details that remind you of Las Vegas.…
  • Bolt 68 BS436

    Inspired by samurai culture, this is a limited edition watch for those who feel a special connection with Japan. Size: 45 mm Bracelet Material: Leather Functionality: Closer
  • Bolt 68 BS439

    Unique and badass, this watch combines a nylon strap with spikes. A unique design for those who prefer rough accessories that distinguish them. Size: 45 mm Bracelet Material: Nylon Functionality: Date…
  • Bolt 68 BS443.2

    A provocative piece for courageous people who aren't afraid of a little bit of danger. Designed in warm tones with steel details, this timepiece comes with a brown leather strap…
  • Bolt 68 BS445.1

    Black with blue details, this timepiece is for those who like a more sporty style with a classic twist. A watch with black leather strap and steel case. Size: 45…
  • Bolt 68 BS445.2

    The combination of brown and orange give this watch an accessible and warm touch. This timepiece has a leather strap in the same shades and a steel case. Size: 45…
  • Bolt 68 BS445.3

    An automatic timepiece in black with vibrant green details, steel case and leather strap. This is an ideal model for those people who look for a sporty and daring style.…