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Calvin Klein watches in Cancun and los Cabos

calvin klein watches

The Calvin Klein watches represent minimalism, innovation and new trends

Calvin Klein (brand) was founded in the United States in the sixties. It was initially a brand focused on creating a unique clothing line and style. It was in 1997 when this brand started creating and launching their own timepieces that immediately conquered the hearts of the public as they were as unique as this brand's other attributes. Calvin Klein watches are luxurious and fun at the same time. Among the Calvin Klein watches you will be able to find at Ultrajewels are the Alliance and Aggregate, with their unique designs have set a trend as prestigious as only Calvin Klein can be.

  • Aggregate

    The tendency renovates and minimalism gathers strength one more time. Calvin Klein responding to the fashion demands of this era, has in its catalogue one of the trendiest models: Calvin…
  • Alliance

    Alliance model by Calvin Klein is a reminder of the basics of accesories in fashion. Polished steel acquires preponderance in esthetics that evoke watchmaking at its purest and most assertive…
  • Body

    Watches made for women always show a series of similar conditioners: size, colors and design. Today, Calvin Klein shows us with an exclusive piece for HER, how all these preconceptions…
  • Bold

    Calvin Klein's refinement in its new models of watchmaking is evident with the Bold model. For men who love watches they are a good size, they debate between the elegant…
  • City 31 mm

    One more variant of the City model by Calvin Klein is this one that differs from the rest due to its navy blue dial that shows style and turns into…
  • Color Gama

    The Calvin Klein Color gamma, bases its success in the simplicity of its models. With a robust and sporty look, this model is set to be one of the season’s…
  • Edge

    Edge by Calvin Klein shows the most delicate and refined side of the design department of this fashion brand. The mix of silver, black, and an avant-garde profile result in…
  • Spellbound

    The watches that encapsulate the bezel inside the strap’s width are highly attractive. Such is the case of the Spellbound model by Calvin Klein that is very close to being…