chopard celebrates the 90 years of mille miglia with an excellent pieceIn this year 2017, the most famous classic car race in the world, the Mille Miglia celebrates its 90 years of existence along with Chopard.

To attend this impressive event, Chopard – who was the official timekeeper and sponsor of the race since the year 1988 – created an incredible collection of luxury and limited-edition sports watches, presenting only 90 copies.

Chopard honors the Mille Miglia
The name of this breathtaking collection with which Chopard seeks to honor the ninety years of what was and remains the most famous classic car race in the world is the Mille Miglia Classic XL 90th Anniversary Limited Edition.

This collection piece, with its characteristically pink box, brings together in itself two important aspects that perfectly represent the race to which it honors: sport and elegance. Among the different models that Chopard presented, this limited-edition model stands for the most prestigious one of the Mille Miglia.

To account for the exclusiveness of this Chopard’s model, we cannot fail to mention its bodywork, which was confirmed by a big box of pink gold with a diameter of 46 mm. At the same time, its polished bezel offers the user the greatest softness, along with the perfect precision that its highly virile curves present.

It could be said that this limited-edition model launched by Chopard for the 90th anniversary of the Mille Miglia, is a model in which the details have been taken care with absolute attention, being able to adapt to any wrist and present its user the greatest elegance and comfort.

Another great detail that we have to mention about the Mille Miglia Classic XL 90th Anniversary Limited Edition is regarding the fact that its chronometer pushbuttons are intelligently inspired by pistons, which turns into an excellent detail of high quality.

In addition to the fact that its large toothed crown favors a better and easier grip.

chopard for the 90th anniversary of the mille miglia

Details of Chopard to fall in love with

It was such the care that Chopard dedicated to the details of this model, that upon the pure white dial highlights the presence of elegant Arabic numerals and beautiful blue counters.

To represent, in the best way, the automobiles that integrate the most famous race in the world, Chopard decided to equip one magnificent jewel with the caliber L.U.C 03.07-L. This chronometer, entirely manufactured within the Chopard’s workshops, is the highest technology, also presenting highly refined finishes.

The Mille Miglia was born in the year 1927, becoming the classic car race par excellence as well as one of the most prestigious and recognized in the world.

The commitment of Chopard with this superior race dates back many years ago and, for this reason, this great brand could not have failed to honor it in its ninety years of existence. This Chopard is how a unique copy is born that, as well as the race, will make history: the Mille Miglia Classic XL 90th Anniversary Limited Edition.

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