History through time.
Throughout time, Ultrajewels has reaffirmed the value, but mostly, the true significance of jewelry.


The tradition that stands behind us goes back to the year 1997, however, day by day, we understand the ideals and lifestyle of each and every one of our clients. The acquired experience transforms us into a guide that will lead you step by step until you discover the jewel, or the watch that suits you or that someone special perfectly.


The idea of living luxury in a different way and imposing your unique lifestyle, are some of the reasons that have allowed us to remain always at the leading edge and with the best selection.

Sophistication and Exclusivity

Today, we have transformed the way in which the most refined jewelry and watches are conceived, but mostly, we have become part of your lifestyle, highlighting above all things, the sophistication and exclusivity you deserve. We place the best brands in the world within your reach and all in one place, so you never stop being special.